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Fine Silver Dollar Necklace


Silver Dollar Fine Jewelry Collection

The soft iridescent hues of the Silver Dollar Collection exemplify the warm colorations of all the seasons. These freshwater Keshi pearls offer a myriad of hues. Keshi pearls, also known as seed pearls, can be as small as a grain of sand and form accidentally in many cultured freshwater mollusks. The term Keshi pearl has been widely used since its original definition “any baroque natural pearl”.

"Walking on the beaches of the Bahamas, I would find and collect these Keshi pearls, which reminded me of silver dollar coins." - Michael Michaud 

Materials: The Silver Dollar necklace is cast in sterling silver with 24K gold finish. Accented in Keshi pearls. 

Measures: 16" adjustable necklace, 1" wide 

Fine Silver Dollar Necklace